World’s best in waiting.


This teasing text landed in my inbox over Christmas from [insert witty callsign here]. It was certainly something to think about whilst munching on a turkey over Christmas.

“1. Katich
2. Vaughan
3. Amla
4. KP
5. Ryder
7. Flintoff
8. Swann
9. Morkel
10. Edwards
11. Johnson
12th man Oram

Predicted best world XI (test) for 12 months into the future.”

There are some notable omissions, and some surprising inclusions. How can Sharma be forgotten? How can it be forgotten that Ryder is in the team? Why is Oram so forgettable generally?

Can we agree on a Heaven Eleven for one year hence?

Let’s find out.

3 Responses to “World’s best in waiting.”

  1. dunny1 Says:


    1. Ghambir
    2. Smith
    3. Amla
    4. KP.
    5. Ryder
    6. Flintoff
    7. McCullum
    8. Southee
    9. Chawla
    10. Johnson
    11. Zaheer
    12th man M. Clarke

  2. hawkmouth Says:

    Dave from work:

    1. Smith
    2. Sehwag
    3. Sachin
    4. KP
    5. Flynn
    6. DeVilliers
    7. Dhoni (wk/c)
    8. Broad
    9. Sharma
    10. Johnson
    11. Zaheer

  3. hawkmouth Says:

    I would import the Indian top order wholesale. Sehwag shows no signs of abating, and he works so well in combination with the rising star Ghambir that Smith might unfortunately not get a look in.

    Punter’s my number three, as I think he’ll be getting to where Tendulkar is now in a year’s time. He’s shown against South Africa that, with the wheels coming off the Aussie juggernaut, he’s quietly developing a hovercraft.

    K.P. is the unanimous number four.

    De Villiers is only 24 but already seems to have been around for ever.

    Dhoni and Flintoff are shoe-ins.

    Johnson, Steyn, Sharma. Wow. Zaheer is the unfortunate one to miss out, but he’s on fire right now and I don’t know whether he can keep it up for a year having gone past 30.

    Mendis. Carrom-believable!

    12th man: Broad. Here’s hoping it’s his breakthrough year.

    I think this team only lacks a ferrous nugget like Prince or Shiv to stodge up the middle order. Or possibly the inevitable Colly-filla / Plaster of Kallis. Still, there’s no place for them in my attacking team.

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