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Hayden’s last stand?

January 6, 2009

I’m writing this literally as play begins on the fourth day of the third Test between Oz and S.A., as the one they call Haydos places his order for over 100 shots at the last chance saloon. I’ll be giving real-time, local time updates on his progress.

10:35 He adds a couple to go to 20 not out off 27. The pitch is beginning to flake. This is where great players come up with the goods.

10:40 After surviving some early Morkel pressure in the previous over, he reaches a quarter of a century via a firmly-struck four to signal his intentions. His intentions have never really been in doubt this series, though. It’s just a question of whether he can still back them up.

10:49 He’s certainly not shying away from the strike – he’s faced 19 of the 28 balls bowled so far. 26 from 38. Digging in.

11.03 Spank you very much! 12 runs from the last over and the pressure’s back on Morne ‘Big Unit’ Morkel. That followed two consecutive maidens; he’s not only broken the shackles but lassooed them around Morkel’s ankles!

11.15 Out! 39 runs scored, and predictably it’s Morkel who wins the battle. For the second time in this Test, he drags one on and he’ll have to drag himself off knowing that this may be it. He still looks the part, but the greatness has deserted him. Is it just bad form, or has a very good thing come to an end?

Haydos is evicted from the saloon distinctly sober. There’s barely room in this team for the one barrel-chested philosopher.