Dwayne Bravo is officially omnipresent.

Dwayne Bravo lands after a brief flight around the ground.

Dwayne Bravo lands after a brief flight around the ground.

“Dwayne Bravo was everywhere.” – Ian Ward, Sky Sports

The sleepy-eyed Ian Ward tells us that Dwayne Bravo is everywhere. What are we to make of this? What else but a big truth cake, laced with meaning hidden from Ward’s sincerely hooded eyes. For Bravo is a deity, a mighty Ogoun-like figure for the West Indies. God of fire, war and metal (symbolised by his earrings); reinvented and incarnated as a young and fiery talisman. A Christ-like inspiration for a country that had strayed from the mown and rollered track.

Not only is Bravo everywhere, but he is also omnipotent and benevolent. He can bat and bowl with equal dynamism and brilliance and he’s got the biggest smile since Mr. Tickle met the Cheshire cat*.

Not for nothing do the people of Trinidad and Tobago endlessly chant the mantra: “Let’s go Bravo, let’s go!” This is the best chant in the world, and that’s official too.

* Mr. Tickle finds cats quite funny.

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2 Responses to “Dwayne Bravo is officially omnipresent.”

  1. King Cricket Says:

    Was Bravo in the bathroom 20 minutes ago? We couldn’t go. We thought someone was watching us.

    Curse you Dwayne!

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