The Two-toed Guptill.

Martin Guptill

Martin Guptill

Scott Styris has revealed that Martin Guptill has the leg of a sloth.  During the fourth ODI against the West Indies, in which Guptill score 122*, Styris said that one of Guptill’s feet has only two toes, much like the Even better was the news that he’s earned the blindingly imaginative nickname ‘Two Toes’ in the Kiwi dressing room. One can only imagine Jesse ‘The Muse’ Ryder screaming it delightedly in his furry face.

Further research into sloths revealed that the similarities don’t end there:

“Other distinguishing features include a more prominent snout, longer fur, and the absence of a tail.”

Guptill doesn’t have a prominent snout or fur, but he does, like the two-toed sloth, not have a tail.

“They eat fruits, nuts, berries, bark, and occasionally small rodents.”

And, apparently, “the West Indies’ bowlers for breakfast”.

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